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Contemporary Artists' Education (CAE)

After watching each artist interview we invite you to check out the artmaking prompt provided by the artist. The prompt is informed by their practice with the hope that it sparks your creativity and encourages you in your own exploration of contemporary social and political realities in your local context.


We would like to see and share what you create. You can email your artwork to or tag us at #CERCLArt on social media outlets*.

* sending artwork gives CERCL permission to share on web and social media


I believe unity makes us stronger.


For this project, gather some small boxes from cereal, snacks, trading cards, and so on. They don’t have to be the same size: any size and shape will do. Check your recycling bin and see what you can find. Use white glue, hot glue, or tape to join the boxes together. There is no right or wrong way to do it. You can also use paper towel and toilet paper tubes, sticks, branches, and more – be creative!


After the glue dries, paint the whole arrangement using a single color. You can brush it on or use spray paint, whatever is convenient. I think you will be surprised by your masterpiece.


It doesn’t matter how small or how big we are. If we support, help, or just be next to each other, we can make a difference and accomplish great things together.

~ Angela Corson's Art Making Prompt


Music in my practice is the cornerstone and creates a transformational portal. A certain song can instantly recall images of riding shotgun in my brother's car in the 9th grade or laying in a twin bed when I was eleven trying to drown out the street noise.


Find a song for you that brings back a specific intense memory or feeling. Begin to name that feeling and write the narrative that the feeling emerged from.  Capture images or footage of your everyday life that evoke that same feeling using the music as your guide. Combine the clips or photos into a montage now without the music in a way that still embodies the same feeling. Loop the montage and engage with the images in silence.

~ Chap Edmonson's Art Making Prompt


Visual Storytelling


Utilizing what's around you, how can you materialize your concept of home and safety for your community? Your tools of choice are up to you, i.e photography, image collaging, ceramics, printmaking, etc.


~ Bria Lauren's Art Making Prompt


Find a piece of literature and a source of music that will serve as a foundation for a creative exploration.  If you are not inspired by the format of any literary resource, then look to the written word in the form of lyrical expression through music.   As a multifaceted creative, I find it exciting that there are many paths of creative expression that can be traced to one point of influence. Once you have identified your muse in written or spoken word, connect your inspiration to an act. 


  • Combining the inspiration points of music and literature, explore a composition, or series of compositions  that speak(s) to the duality of both modes of expression.  

  • I encourage you to find an author and musician/ genre of music that is new to you as your foundation

  • Allow the music and literature to lead your investigation.  

  • The outcome of your investigation should be something that is fed by your inspiration points, but can certainly “evolve” in terms of its aesthetic.  

  • Be free to allow your exploration to be what it needs to be.

  • Also be open to the idea that your exploration can be a living piece and can be a long-term project or done in a journal.

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~ Anthony Suber's Art Making Prompt

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