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CERCL Writing Collective


The CERCL Writing Collective publishes cutting edge research as a way of extending the work done within the context of the African American Religious Studies Forum.

The CERCL Writing collective consists of Dr. Anthony Pinn and a changing group of students in African American Religious Studies at Rice. We have published two books, both written according to the same process. The books represent an experiment with communication of ideas across difference—a wrestling with the presentation of voice and exchange. Each member of the CERCL collaborative is responsible for the initial drafting of a chapter. Presenting this draft is not the end of the process; rather, it marks the start of an exchange defined by a desire to push the nature and scope of collaboration. Once written, each chapter was reviewed and revised in light of group conversation—so as to trouble a sense of isolated ownership of the ideas, and to promote appreciation for refinement of ideas through conversation. Something of the first author remains present, but the final version of each chapter entails that first author in conversation with the other members of the collective. This is not to suggest there is full agreement on all of the ideas present, but such agreement is not the point. Rather, the goal for each book is to promote an organic “reworking” that marked the ability to speak together, while maintaining the importance of disagreement. ~ CERCL Writing Collective

Rethinking the Body in African American Religious Experience

This volume builds on scholarship by scholars of African American religion that emphasizes the centrality of the body in religion and religious experience.

Churches and Hip-Hop - A Basic Guide to Key Issues

What is hip-hop, and how does it impact the Black Church? How does the Black Church integrate hip-hop? How do black churches think about hip-hop? How do these different, yet deeply interrelated communities think about the key topics of modern life—be it gender, sex, race, or globalization?

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