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African American Religious Studies Forum Fellows Program


Each Semester CERCL offers a fellowship program for graduate students whose research presents and promotes innovative scholarship related to the study of African American religion.  In this way, CERCL aims to help advance the success of scholarship often considered marginal to the Academy.

The AARSF Fellows Program provides opportunities for graduate students working in African American religion to: (1) present their research; (2) add to the CERCL Archive in the Woodson Research Center at Rice University’s Fondren Library.

Application Deadline for Fall 2024 Semester

Friday, March 29, 2024

Who May Apply

Rice University graduate students who are in the writing phase of the program
(e.g., dissertation proposal or dissertation).




Fellowship period is 1 academic semester


Research Fellow(s) are provided with a stipend of $2,500 in exchange for:

  • two distinct public or community engagements (e.g., lecture)

  • submission of materials to CERCL’s Archive at Fondren Library’s Woodson Research Center


All scholarship (publications, papers and on-line documents) developed while receiving these funds must acknowledge CERCL and the AARSF Fellows Program.  Copies must be given to CERCL.

Selection Criteria

  • the relevance of the project to the mission and goals of CERCL’s African American Religious Studies Forum

  • the feasibility of the project

  • the benefit to CERCL’s Archive in the Woodson Research Center

  • the strength of the proposal in light of letter of reference

Proposal Format/Checklist


Proposals are to be emailed in one electronic document (saved as a Microsoft Word or PDFfile) to and must include the following:


  • the AARSF Fellows Program Cover Sheet

  • 1000 word description of the proposed research. This document must be double-spaced and use 12-point type.  It should:

    1. explain the nature and significance of the project, including its impact on the scholarly community

    2. include a brief discussion of the applicants preparation for this project

    3. describe how the project will benefit the CERCL’s Archive in the Woodson Research Center

    4. include the significance of the project for the applicant’s field of study

  • confidential letter of recommendation from the a member of your dissertation committee

  • curriculum vitae (no more than 10 pages)

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