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Leadership Lecture Series

The Center sponsors a series of lectures on campus that explore dimensions of leadership in line with the mission of the Center. These lectures are free and open to the larger Houston community.

February 2020

A partnership with student organizations Rice Creative Society and ACE@Rice to host the first screening of "Black Girl Church” in this region. Over 200 guests joined us at the Moody center for the Arts to view this short film about black beauty and a panel with the creators: Audrey Williams, Marissa Pina, Joe Schaefer, and cast member and former editor of Nylon Mag and Refinery29, Sesali Bowen.

Black Lives Matter: Reimagining the Black Future

November 2018

Panel discussion, organized by students in the “Religion and Black Lives Matter” course, with Houston-based Black Lives Matter activists, including students from Rice’s campus, artists, educators, and organizers from around the city. Featured dance performance choreographed by panelist Harrison Guy.

Discussion with Genesis Blu

November 2018

A RELI 157/311 - Religion and Hip Hop Culture Course Public Event. Genesis Blu, native Houstonian and self-proclaimed Raptivist, was named “The Blue Haired Matron” of hip hop by Texas Monthly. Genesis tabled her psychotherapy Ph.D for a career in music and advocacy. In addition to her music career, Genesis devotes time to facilitating change in her community.

Discussion with Greydon Square

October 2018

A RELI 157/311 - Religion and Hip Hop Culture Course Public Event. Greydon Square, is an American West Coast hip hop emcee, producer and sound engineer from Compton, California. He is a U.S. Army soldier and Iraq War veteran who is also an outspoken atheist.

Jonestown 40 Year Anniversary

September 2018

In 1978, over 900 members of the predominantly African American Peoples Temple church died in the Jonestown Guyana massacre. In commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the tragedy, CERCL hosted a screening of Sikivu Hutchinson’s film short, White Nights, Black Paradise, followed by a panel discussion with black women survivors, Leslie Wagner Wilson and Yulanda Williams on the black experience in the Jonestown diaspora.

Toward an Aesthetic Philosophy of Religion of Underground Hip-Hip Culture

September 2018

Jon Ivan Gill, Visiting Lecturer in Africana Studies in Religion at Pomona Collegeand Lecturer in Philisophy at California State University provided a working definition of “underground hip-hop,” within the current scholarship on hip-hop studies and hip-hop and religion and introduced his concept of “Aesthetic Religion.”

OutKasted Conversations: Searching for Contemporary Southern Blackness via Hip Hop

August 2018

With a focus on the pioneer rap duo OutKast, Regina N. Bradley, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, English and African Diaspora Studies at Kennesaw State University, explored how southern Black people use hip hop culture to update the narrative(s) surrounding race and identity in the contemporary American South.

The Shock of the Old: The Challenges and Possibilities for Archival Praxis After the Digital Turn

March 2018

Dr. Maria Cotera is a scholar of Latina/o Studies whose work focuses on women of color feminist genealogies, social movements, digital studies, and public humanities.

Moods and Modes of ‘Slave Anastácia,’ Afro Brazilian Saint

February 2018

Dr. Paul Christopher Johnson is a scholar of religion who focuses on theories of religion, ethnography, history of the study of religion, religion and race, and the modern history of Brazil. Dr. Johnson was a guest of CERCL's African American Religious Studies Forum.

SLFEMP 1999-2017

October 2017

Panel discussion to discuss the work of SLFEMP and Mike Frost, a photographer and graphic designer who has defined the image and branding of rap and hip hop albums in Texas and beyond and to celebrate his participation in CERCL's Hip Hop Archival Collection. The event will featured a 1000 photo slide show documenting Houston's underground rap culture.

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