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Scholar-in-Residence @ African American History Research Center Gregory Campus

CERCL in partnership with the African American History Research Center -  Gregory Campus offers residential fellowships for scholars whose research would benefit from the Houston Public Library special collections (particularly the AAHRC - Gregory Campus archives).


The Scholar-in-Residence program is open to those holding the PhD, graduate students who have achieved candidacy and independent scholars. Foreign nationals who have resided in the United States for two years immediately preceding the application deadline, and United States citizens are eligible to apply.


Application Instructions

A complete application must include:

  • The Scholar-in-Residence Program Cover Sheet (Download or Complete Online)

  • A 1000-word description of the proposed research. This document must be double-spaced and use 12-point type.  It should: (1) explain the nature and significance of the project, including its impact on the scholarly community; (2) a brief discussion of the applicants preparation for this project; (3) describe how Houston Public Library collections will be used in completing the work undertaken during the term of the residency; (4) a plan for carrying out the research; (5) outline of schedule (hours/days/months) that facilities will be used (ie. 6 hours per day/2 days per week for 6 months).

  • Two confidential letters of recommendation from people familiar with the applicant’s project.

  • Curriculum vitae/resume (no more than 10 pages)


A selection committee, in light of the strength of the application materials, will evaluate each application for the Scholar-in-Residence program. Reviews are not made available to applicants.


Qualifications considered include:  (1) the relevance of the project to the mission and goals of the Scholar-in-Residence Program; (2) the feasibility of the project; (3) the level of importance of the Houston Public Library collections for the project; and (4) the strength of the proposal in light of letters of reference; (5) special consideration given to research that provides a clear connection to a current urban issue of public significance (ie. racial justice and anti-black racism).


Residency period is any consecutive 6-month period.


Scholar(s) will be provided with personal office space, access to the Gregory School archives, other Houston Public Library special collections.

Scholar(s) will be responsible for completing weekly timesheets and adhering to the proposed/accepted schedule.


Scholar(s) are provided with a stipend of $3,500* after the completion of:

  • Two distinct public engagements, one held on the Rice University campus and another at the Gregory School.

  • One “What’s the Thesis” Podcast interview


All scholarship (publications, papers and on-line documents) developed in relationship to this fellowship must acknowledge CERCL/AAHRC and the Scholar-in-residence program and copies must be provided to CERCL/AAHRC. CERCL/AAHRC must receive a copy of any master’s thesis or dissertation developed using research from this program.


*This fellowship does not include housing, and fellows do not receive salary or any compensation beyond the $3,500 to be paid in 2 installments (one at the beginning of the residency and one after all requirements above have been met. (W-9 must be submitted for payment to be processed)


Applications are accepted year-round

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