Without a doubt, artistic production has served as a major means by which individuals and communities have presented their cultural worlds, critiqued those worlds, and worked to enhance and improve those worlds. Houston serves as a major location for this type of activity. Motivated by the rich social-cultural geography that is this city, Houston is a hub of important artistic work that speaks directly to some of the important concerns that define CERCL. Mindful of this CERCL has collaborated with local artists and has brought to Houston and Rice outstanding and important contributors to the artistic traditions defining the United States.


The Artist-in-Residence Program is meant to further enhance CERCL's collaboration with and presentation of the arts. The goal is to represent the manner in which the arts serve as tools for and representations of critical thinking on pressing concerns, effective communications strategies for expressing those concerns, and platforms for engaging those concerns. We expect to build a relationship with our Artist-in-Residence that will allow collaboration on creative projects in the future.

Each residency entails a yearlong relationship with CERCL during which the artist will create two original projects that take into consideration the mission of CERCL and Artist-in-Residence initiative.

Lanecia Rouse Tinsley

2020 - 2021 Artist-in-Residence


Multidisciplinary visual artist based in Houston, TX, and the owner/creator of LAR Art Studio. Lanecia’s portfolio includes a range of work in abstract painting, photography, teaching, writing, and speaking.

Anticpated works include an arts engagement project involving Rice Public Art and another public facing art project. We look forward to sharing Lanecia Rouse Tinsley's work.


You can view and hear more about Lanecia’s latest work and exhibit, a collaboration with Project Row Houses, here.”

Harrison Guy

2019 - 2020 Artist-in-Residence

Artistic Director of Urban Souls Dance Company (USDC), an award winning company that's treading new ground and making its voice heard throughout the community and nationally.


Black Bodies in White Spaces: A Performance Ritual  in engagement with the Moody Center for the Arts exhibit, Radical Revisionists: Contemporary African Artists Confronting Past and Present and featured student and community participants.


Racism in the Arts: A conversation with Harrison Guy, is a conversation series in collaboration with community organization Center for the Healing of Racism.

photo by Pin Lim


Black Bodies in White Spaces - A Performance Ritual by
Artist-in-Residence Harrison Guy
(0:50:25 video by William Wood)

Black Bodies in White Spaces - A Performance Ritual by
Artist-in-Residence Harrison Guy
(50 photos by Rory James)

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