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Artist Interview

Lanecia Rouse Tinsley interviews the artist for her Art of the City Series.


Video editing by God's Ink Media

Contemporary Artists' Education (CAE)

Artist Bio

Bria Lauren is a Texas native, born and raised in Third Ward, Houston. The south is a sacred and integrate part of her work as a visual storyteller, healer, and queer Black woman utilizing ancestral healing as a tool to navigate intersectionality as an act of resistance. Analog photography is a catalyst for Lauren to translate her own unspoken vulnerability, visually and to hold space for marginalized voices to be seen, honored, cared for, and respected.

The heartbeat and intention of Lauren’s work intersects race, gender, vulnerability, motherhood, and Black feminism. She travels through time using 35mm, medium format, and motion picture film to bridge social and political gaps within her community – to communicate the true essence of one's identity and truth without censorship.

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