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Artist Interview

Lanecia Rouse Tinsley interviews the artist for her Art of the City Series.


Video editing by God's Ink Media

Contemporary Artists' Education (CAE)

Artist Statement

Through the medium of moving images, I am compelled to create narratives of people who share my particularities in this life and common ancestry. My work is rooted in a deep desire to connect with those who have come before me. Having grandparents who passed before my birth has created a void that now sparks a quest for knowledge of the oral history passed down through generations giving life to each of us. My work is a way of seeking an alternative route when engaging in activism, with hopes of contributing to my ancestor’s legacy.

I am driven by the color science of accurately representing the entire diaspora of black and brown skin tones while adding vibrance and depth. Carefully curated musical scores and atmospheric elements are the heartbeats of each body of work. I approach compositions unconventional, often breaking the rule of thirds to produce powerful images that help tell these stories of our rich history, the future to come, and the points in which they intersect. 

Artist Bio

Chap Edmonson is a creative and filmmaker born and raised in Houston. He has spent the past ten years in creative leadership, film making,  and multimedia design. As the principal with Aurum Branding Agency, Chap worked closely with clients to curate, design, and re-imagine brand experiences to best reach their target consumers. He is also an avid filmmaker, having produced award-winning documentaries and short films. His work is a way of seeking an alternative route when engaging in activism.

Driven by his passion for creating equitable spaces, Chap is a proud member of local community and social justice organizations BLMHTX, Project Curate, and ImagiNoir.

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