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50 Years of Hip Hop

Over the last fifth plus years, the cultural expression known as hip hop has proliferated and grown in expansive and important ways. Hip hop continues to impact societies across the world, even -- and especially -- here in Houston.

The Center is engaged in various projects—from creating an archive to developing innovative courses (RELI157 & RELI157X)—in order to highlight and appreciate hip hop’s cultural and social impact on local and global communities. 


CERCL's Hip Hop Archival Collection is housed at the Woodson Research Center Special Collections and University Archives in Rice’s Fondren Library. Exhibits, panel discussions and lectures increase the spotlight on hip-hop, preserve its importance for future generations, and underscore hip-hop’s role as a space where community and intellectual leadership is generated and cultivated.The "Houston Hip Hop Archives Network," a partnership developed by the CERCL and the University of Houston Libraries for preserving the artifacts of Houston hip hop houses the materials in the CERCL Archival Collection.

50 Rice students will join us to celebrate 50 years of Hip Hop at this exciting event!
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As we celebrate Hip Hop’s fiftieth anniversary, we will foster conversation about how Hip-Hop entrepreneurship, as an urban subculture, expresses a lifestyle, mindset and philosophy of life that has had global impact. Students from Rice and neighboring universities will hear from serial entrepreneur, disrupter, movie producer,  and co-founder of Roc-A-Fella Damon Dash; Marcus Bowers, GlobalPreneur and Founder/COO She’s Happy Hair; DJ the Money Coach, CEO of Deransburg International P.O.M – P.O.M. Lifestyles; Jaqueline Beauchamp, Co-Founder, Chairwoman CEO of Engaged Media Gaming Disruptor; and Claudia Darobi, Founder and CEO Principal of DiverseCiti Atlanta, LLC. In addition, a panel of local Hip Hop artists/entrepreneurs will discuss the art and business of Hip Hop.

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